Mountains Never Meet

In Mountains Never Meet, Martin del Amo joins forces with footballer turned performer Ahilan Ratnamohan. Together they collaborated with eight untrained male performers from Western Sydney in creating an energetic new dance work.

Photo: James Brown

Using movements inspired by sport such as running, skipping and jumping, the work playfully challenges our notions of what dance can be, and of who can be considered a dancer.

Mountains Never Meet was accompanied by a new short work choreographed by del Amo and danced by Ahilan Ratnamohan and Connor van Vuuren. The duet took its choreographic inspiration from memorable sporting battles, reflecting their inspired physicality and tactical brilliance.

Concept, direction and choreography Martin del Amo
Artistic Collaborator Ahilan Ratnamohan
Rehearsal Assistant Julia-Anne Long
Performers Ravin Lotomau, Frank Mainoo, Benny Ngo, Kevin Ngo, Ahilan Ratnamohan, Mahesh Sharma, Nikki-Tala Tuiala Talaoloa, Carlo Velayo and Dani Zaradosh
Sound Designer Cat Hope
Lighting Designer Clytie Smith
Produced by Performing Lines

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta (premiere) 17 – 20 August, 2011

Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 2011